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Before the first idea, the first money, the first employees, the first distributor, retailer and customer, before the creation of the company itself, there is the character of the founders. Their ambition, talent, creativity and will to succeed are what make them successful entrepreneurs and distinguish them from the millions of people who only dream of creating their own company. Character also distinguishes these rare individuals from the thousands who try to create their own companies but are defeated by the market, competition, bad luck and an unwillingness to do whatever it takes to win. After the company has grown rich and safe and mature, character tells as well.

There must have been hundreds of them in San Francisco alone.

It looked like he'd Jowe the stuffing out of the seat of one of those old ripped-up chairs you see out on the sidewalk with its insides spilling out after a fire on Webster Street--it looked like he'd taken the stuffing out of one of those chairs and packed it all over his head. And yet, on a given evening in the late s, two men and a boy would have passed one another at this intersection.

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Then once more it is character, in the company's institutional memory, its community and in the philosophy with which the founders imbued it, that may spell the difference between another generation of success, or a slow, ugly corporate death. So llooking morning about eleven o'clock a flamboyant black man in a dashiki turns up at City Hall. Younger than its neighbor, it was part of the giant landholdings of Martin Murphy, Jr.

After fifteen years of handling the company, Regis had remained unwarped and unconverted because no matter how successful Regis McKenna Inc. It's part of his psychological jiveass.

The two boys were lucky to have landed at Sylvania. Actually the Panthers had a complicated status in the ghettos in San Francisco.

Thus, the inventors of three of the most important technology products of the century, the integrated circuit, the microprocessor and the personal computer--each made possible by the one that came before--regularly converged on this anonymous and bleak intersection in a seemingly unremarkable suburban city on the edge of a continent. When she finishes, she looks up in the most soulful way, with her chin up and her eyes shining, and she closes the book very softly under her chin, the way a preacher closes the Bible.

And how could they find out the identity of these leaders of the people?

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It also energized your batteries. Dudley was the fiercest looking man in the Bay Area, but there would be him and all his boys sitting around like a covey of secretary birds. This was an era when first place went to teenagers who built homemade Van de Graaff atomic particle accelerators. He gave that up a long time ago, the day he became a lifer There, expecting death at bewr second, he yanked out the wires. She was one of those Peter, Paul, and Mary-type intellectuals.

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Stephen Wozniak, the boy who played golf and swam competitively and watched television, the typical suburban boy, had now become the Woz. During the riot in Hunters Point, the mayor of San Francsco, John Shelley, went into Hunters Point with the only black member of the Board of Supervisors, and the brothers threw rocks at both of them. He just peers out over his shades at his boys and at all the bureaucrats from downtown, and then he cocks his head and cocks his index finger in front of his chin and says, "We gonna have a tem-po-rary re-cess.

Anyway, the dude comes lollygagging in, as cool as you please, and walks over to where Dudley is sitting like a secretary bird and leans over and whispers something to him.

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Born inhe had grown up in the stablest of families in the safest of neighborhoods. And these kids are not marching in any kind of formation, either.

San Jose or chaser boy bear looking

And they came in less and less frequently as his attitude spilled into his work and scared away clients. Why do so many bureaucrats, deans, preachers, college presidents, try to smile when the mau-mauing starts?

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San Francisco, being the main port of entry for immigrants from all over the Pacific, had as many colored minorities as New York City. All that boozing and drinking half-and-half, which is half Josw and half port, must do righteous things for the hair, because there are no old men in the world who have hair like the winos.

San Jose or chaser boy bear looking

That book was written to give a thrill to white women in Palo Alto and Marin County. Whites didn't have too much fear of the Mexican-American, the Chicano. Had he stuck with it, Paul Jobs, like many others, might have made himself wealthy over the next twenty years. But they were out of it in their own community.

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You practically had to stand in line. The poverty program encouraged you to go in for mau-mauing. Years later, Jobs would recall that the teacher found a quick motivational tool for the young man: bribes.

He's fighting for control of himself His great luck was to find himself on the perfect playground for his gifts: the world of Silicon Valley in the s. It might be a meeting of the Economic Opportunity Council, which was the San Francisco poverty-program agency, or the National Alliance of Businessmen, which was offering jobs for the hard core, or the Western Regional Office of the Office of Economic Opportunity, or whatever, and he'd say: "Now don't forget.

And Steven Jobs learned its lesson.

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There is an intersection in Sunnyvale that a cynical person might say embodies chasee wrong with life in postwar suburban America. And the crowning touch: William Byrd, the school principal, rushing up, grabbing the "bomb" and sprinting with it--sweat flying, tie flapping, leather shoes clicking on the cement hallway--out to the football field.

Everything about them oloking wide and smooth. It came after the counterculture revolution, Vietnam and recession, and after Silicon Valley had become a single monolithic urban stretch of high-tech communities thirty miles long and ten miles wide. They're glaring at him our of those big dark wide brown faces. They bought their ranch-style house--or, if they were adventurous, a Bauhaus-for-everyman Eichler with an atrium--and drove off every morning to build ICBMs for Lockheed.

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