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Debbie felt somewhat guilty, but not that much. She felt that it was a small sin at the most to view herself totally naked in the mirror. And in the past year she had begun doing it quite a bit. She was not an exhibitionist by any means, but she felt a compulsion every now and then to view her naked body, and she felt there was no harm in it.

The preacher's wife was so consumed with pleasure that she didn't even feel Jack's other hand glide across the front of her thigh, that is, until it located her clit. It was true that the two rapists had handled her rather roughly, but they had not actually physically hurt her, or caused any real pain. Should she tell him? And the foul taste in her mouth reminded her of what had been in it. It was Sunday, the day she felt closest to her husband.

Before she made a sound, they had her pushed down on the bed, covering her with their bodies, and holding her down. Why was the stranger in her husband's church? It was the first orgasm she had ever had. And in the past year she had begun doing it quite a bit.

The preacher's wife - nonconsent/reluctance -

And they had never been caught. He was now balls-deep in her; his cock was in her ass to the hilt. Ooh ah—so good and hot and deep! The fact was that Bert was too wrapped up in the pleasure he was getting from raping her tight ass to really watch her or notice her reactions or movements, or even hear what sounds she was making. There were two reasons why they had not been caught.

The pastor’s wife – xxx fiction

It worked. She gasped aloud as she watched herself in the mirror. Rick squirted what seemed an endless amount of wie deep in her cunt, and she sucked it all up. There was always a chance that the victim would quickly report the rape and give a detailed description of their appearance, and that they would be apprehended. The more he jammed his prick up and down, the less pain she felt.

Literotica preachers wife

All of a sudden, Jack stopped. Far from trying to suppress the memory or thought of the rape, Debbie found herself in the next days thinking more and more about it.

Confession of a preacher's wife

She gasped and moaned as her pussy gripped his dick, sucking the sperm into her womb. But Bert was too wrapped up in the sensation he was getting from fucking her throat to notice that she had her mouth opened as wide as he could and was using her lips, tongue and throat muscles to aid him in his raping of her mouth.

Bert had thrown her free leg over his shoulder and holding her thighs securely had buried his face on her vulva and was rubbing it up and down.

Jack's thumbs were prying her pussy open, and his face was pressed between her legs. Bert made sure that Debbie was held down securely with no chance of breaking free.

The preacher's wife - mature -

Marge squirmed from the titillating tongue which now began flicking in and out of her moistening cunt. She simply was not used to hearing such words, and they shocked her even as she was being raped. The next three days were apprehensive ones for the two rapists. He moved up in Literoticca of her, grasped her head, and began rubbing his dick on her face.

In many ways, Debbie was much more realistic than her husband…. It was meaty and rock-hard. No kids as far as I could tell.

They quickly and efficiently grabbed their utility belts and pulled their coveralls up and snapped them, got up, and headed for the door. She screamed but it came out as only a muffled sound. To kiss a cock, much less lick it or suck it was something that was beyond her comprehension.

The preacher's wife ch. 01

He squirted gob after gob of sperm deep in her cunt. His prick seemed to fit her mouth and throat perfectly. Are you serious?

Literotica preachers wife

Her knees were sore from constantly dropping down to pray when a wicked thought entered her mind, but she believed she had put the sinful part of her life behind her. And she had ended enjoying it. And she could admit to herself without any false modesty that she was indeed attractive. Rick thrust up hard and his cock entered her cunt.

The rape of the preacher's wife

Her will to resist was shrinking. As she rubbed her breasts, she checked the rest of her body out. She tried to fight it With Rick filling her mouth with his prick, it was impossible for Debbie to make any audible sounds other than gasping and moaning, but within herself she was carrying on quite a perverse monologue. He finally gave a final heave of his dick, and then pulled back, exhausted for the moment. Debbie had walked to the church for a specific reason: to check the mail container beside the church door.

She tried to pull back, but he clutched her head and forced her to breathe as best she could.

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It would only cause him anguish. After only a few minutes, he jabbed his prick full-force and Litegotica up her pussy, spewing sperm in her core. She was simply observing her body. I brought my duffel bag full of supplies with me and I had my taser my dad bought me, a balaclava I bought, He grabbed Debbie from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and moving up close to her rump.

She whimpered and gave a little wag of her head. She was torn between ecstasy and suppression.

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