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Something unconscious, uncontrolled. The half-glimpsed world of sleep. Sometimes terrifying. And on the rarest of occasions, unconsciously deadly. What is a person capable of without Californla knowing it?

He was not conscious.

An argument is one thing, but a brutal murder like this one Califormia quite another. Detective: The next thing you know you're looking at her laying on the floor? It was, in some ways, just like the killing of Eva Weinfurtner: a fatal beating and stabbing, the killer claiming no memory of what he had done.

Detective Richard Tomlin: That was the first murder in 20 Catipina, I believe. Talking to family members of Eva, friends of his, he had a temper.

Dinko Bozanich, DDA: If he truly was "sleepwalking" at the time of the episode, then he was not conscious, not criminally responsible, not guilty. Dinko Bozanich: I would rather try the case and lose it. Alon Avidan: And only realized Isoand he had done after the episode and turned himself into the police. And they found blood in his truck on the steering wheel.

This-- this kid, you know, this young man, no way could he have done what occurred.

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You know, we were playing rough or, you know, wrestling around. And then, the heart of the defense: The medical expert from Calufornia University explained how people can and sometimes do violent things unconsciously while asleep. He was not involved in the case, but has studied sleepwalking for years.

Ladies looking sex Catilina Island California

Keith Morrison: Wow. Not the least bit threatening. He only had vague flashes of recollection, he said, but when he woke up, what he saw was very real. And I thought, "This is gettin' kinda strange," you know.

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And we don't prove it. A fully stocked bar includes unique Brazilian drinks, a good selection of Caipirinhas, and Brazilian beer. Her name was Eva, and she was exotic, lovely, magnetic. Lannelle Piro: I was extremely worried and scared.

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So, when she left the flying life, settling down was not easy. But there were plenty of other clues at the crime scene that seemed to back up young Mr. Of that, nothing. It's not as if he had thrashed about in the room and knocked over the furniture and then woke up.

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Or maybe a place to do homework outdoors? Keith Morrison: In her spinal column. And-- and according to him they were having a wonderful, Lacies evening when he was awakened by an intruder and-- and everything else transpired after that. They'd both been here before. And why just after she'd made that far better plan to go to that very same place the following week for a reconciliation with her husband?

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All Catiilina of evidence of an intimate evening. Knowing Eva and Steve's relationship, knowing the violence. He was bi-polar, which made him more susceptible to violence behavior during a sleepwalking episode incident, much like those seen in sleep disorder clinics.

Ken Gallatin: You think, "God, what was she doing with him? Changes must be made prior to a.

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She was-- she was great to me. And she was moaning. Eva Weinfurtner's secret affair with young Stephen Reitz had boiled along for the better part of six months. He's really good looking, you know? Could that have been another sleepwalking episode, another unintended attack?

The act Calfiornia is an act of somebody losing it. Detective Richard Tomlin: He told us that-- he has re-occurring-- sleepwalking episodes. This is repeated over and over and over.

It later turned out to be cocaine on the table. Stephen Reitz: I woke up looking at Eva's body on the ground.

Ladies looking sex Catilina Island California

There's no other way to put it. And all done, according to Stephen Reitz, completely unconsciously while sleepwalking.

He got up, put on his coat, walked out the front door of his house, climbed into his car, drove 14 miles - a drive on which he encountered several major intersections - parked at his in-law's home, went inside, beat his father in law, leaving him barely alive, and then beat and stabbed to death his mother in law. Detective Richard Tomlin: We knew who our suspect was, if you will. Detective Tomlin: We have to look into everything you know, trying to find a reason why. And it ultimately cost her her life.

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